Delicious ways to reduce food waste

Why Renata Created This Blog

My food journey began with a passion for movement. I was in ballet class from a very young age and continued through contemporary dance, belly dancing, and Kathak. I also enjoyed capoeira, karate, ginastica natural, tai chi chuan, and different types of yoga classes.

I’m an ISSA certified Specialist in Fitness Nutrition. I’m totally passionate about health and cooking and I love helping people discover eco-friendly ways to reduce food waste and lower food costs.

I’m happy in the kitchen, sometimes creating new dishes and sometimes testing somebody else’s recipes (usually with a little twist – just because I’m a rebel!). You can find me spending time with my three kids. I also cherish quiet moments painting or reading.


Currently, I’m into fitness and free weights…I love going to the gym, and achieving the desired fitness results means learning new ways of eating and preparing food based on the needs of each goal.

I’ve learned how cooking, nutrition, and movement are connected, and also developed a greater appreciation of our Earth.


We can all help make the world better by reducing the amount of food we waste.

By reading this blog I want you to feel how reducing food waste can be healthy, easy, and delicious.





106 thoughts on “Why Renata Created This Blog

  1. Hi Renata! I am so glad to connect with a kindred spirit. I read and shared your post about the lunch held at the United Nations. I would have liked to see and hear their reactions. Sometimes I feel that the members of the UN need to hit the field. The actual land, places and people. The UN is so full of big comfortable chairs, the members spend so much time talking and sitting around in those huge comfortable chairs. Who knows, maybe if they had to hold all their conferences standing up, urgent things would receive timely action. 😊

    • Hi Norma! It was a great initiative to feed the United Nations members with a “revisited” approach of wasted food. While we aren’t used to thinking twice before throwing nutritious parts of our food in the garbage, it’s great to create some awareness about the issue. When we start changing the way we see steams, leaves, stale bread, etc, as an opportunity to create new, yummy and nutritious new dishes and not as “useless left overs”, everything will start changing – for the better.

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