Delicious ways to reduce food waste

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KEEP CALM Study: Meditation and yoga dramatically cut our need for health care services

Living a healthier life doesn’t have to be hard. That’s the conclusion of a new study, which found that using relaxation techniques such as meditation and yoga can reduce the number of hospital visits you might need.


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This Easy Morning Stretch Will Revitalize Your Body, Give You A Boost Of Energy!

This routine will activate all of your vital organs, center your mind, and improve your overall health in just 10 minutes a day!

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Awesome Video Shows Body Doing Yoga In An X-ray Machine

Artists have made a beautiful animation of what the human body looks like doing yoga in X-ray form. The animators strived to make the video as scientifically accurate as possible, working with medical experts to create a 3D visual study of the human skeleton.

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7 Surprising Ways Yoga Supports Your Health

If you’re a passionate yoga practicer,  you are probably finding many ways to celebrate “Yoga Month” this September. As a 3,000 year old tradition, yoga has long been used as a practice in both Eastern and Western cultures to support well-being. The Sanskrit word, “yoga” literally means “union,” and speaks to it’s end goal: unification of body and mind.

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St. Johns School Trivandrum India Yoga – Children Beyond music

The children of St. Johns School in Trivandrum India, start their day by singing prayers and practicing yoga. Most of them are born with HIV / AIDS and their parents are either too ill to take care of them or have already lost their lives due to the disease.

Through singing the children find healing to transform them to a place beyond their differences and religion so that it sets them free from the overwhelming challenges they are facing.