Delicious ways to reduce food waste

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Cooking With Vegetables From Root to Stem

Ever hear about something that is a new trend and all the rage and think, “I’ve always done that?” One of the food trends for this year is for chefs to put the focus on vegetables. Similar to the whole “nose-to-tail” practice used in cooking meat, there is now a “root-to-stem” practice where no part of a vegetable or fruit goes to waste. Well, it may be a new trend in the culinary world but I’ve been cooking that way for years. Other people may lop off the tops of carrots, beets and radishes, throw away the fronds from a bulb of fennel, and discard the stalks from a head of broccoli, but I cook with all of it. With the price of food rising and the increased amount of food waste, it only makes sense to get the most out of the food we buy. The leaves, stems, stalks and skins of vegetables have their own unique tastes and textures so it’s like getting multiple veggies in one package. Here are some ways you can start cooking from root to stem.


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5 Ways Cheese Is Broccoli’s Best Friend

When creamy melted cheese, particularly cheddar, crosses with the green vegetable, a little magic happens.

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Farming Practices for Produce (Sort Of) Revealed at Whole Foods

Austin-based Whole Foods Market is rolling out a new rating system for its fruits and vegetables. Its Responsibly Grown Rating System hopes to illuminate the farming practices in play where your produce was grown.

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Food Forest with Over 150 Varieties of Fruits and Veggies on 1/4 Acre-Amazing!

No need for pesticides or toxic sprays here, just some good old fashion nature doing its thing. Check out the video below to get a tour of Randall’s food forest.