Delicious ways to reduce food waste

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Infographic: How Millennials Are Reshaping Digital Health

When it comes to managing their health, Millennials have more access to information, connectivity, and technology than any other generation.

As such, Communispace has undertaken a study of Millennial healthcare values, examining how they view everything from the ACA to yearly checkups and technology.

Their report, “Healthcare Without Borders: How Millennials are Reshaping Health and Wellness” reveals that Millennials, dissatisfied with the current healthcare system, have developed unique POVs for managing, maintaining their health and what it means for digital health.

The infographic shown illustrates some of the key findings from the report:


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Bus fuelled by biomethane from human waste launched in U.K.

Biomethane generated from sewage and food waste using anaerobic digestion technology


Nestlé Wants to Build a Food Replicator, Calling It “Iron Man” and Not Some Star Trek Joke Why Exactly?

“Imagine a machine that can mix nutrients and provide you with the perfect food-like substance for your needs. Now stop it. That’s what’s Nestlé is imagining, so you can start imagining something else — like a Star Trek related name instead of the “Iron Man” which is what Nestle wants to call this thing.”

Ohh…I miss those times when food was just food…