Delicious ways to reduce food waste

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Why Some Healthy Foods Are Not ‘Sustainable’

Sustainability advocates claimed it is critical that more research be done into what foods are the most and least damaging to the environment.


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The Foodie’s Travel Guide to the World’s Most Sustainable Restaurants

Long gone are the days when sustainable food equates to uninspired veggies stews and mushy ratatouille. These days, chefs and restauranteurs looking to lighten their impact on the environment are serving up everything from classic comfort foods to gastronomic feats with a side of sustainability.

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‘America’s Shrinking Farms’ Is The Sustainable Food Film Everyone Should Watch Right Now

A new short film by Collectively called America’s Shrinking Farms focuses on the latest ideas in food sustainability. We’re talking beautiful and innovative vertical farms, cricket flour that makes protein-rich cookies and more. Check it out, the future is here. It’s up to you to support it.