Delicious ways to reduce food waste


This Is How Much Water You Waste When You Throw Away Food

Tossing an apple is like pouring 25 gallons of water down the drain, and the average American does that 17 times a year


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Why Some Healthy Foods Are Not ‘Sustainable’

Sustainability advocates claimed it is critical that more research be done into what foods are the most and least damaging to the environment.

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This floating greenhouse may be the future of our food

Architects’ visions for the future often take the shape of costly, large-scale utopias. Most of them never get built, others quickly turn into white elephants, decadent buildings in the future they were trying to anticipate. Yet a recent project seems to belong to a different breed.


Science, Sustainability And The Dangers Of Naïve Policy

Every five years, the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Department Health and Human Services convene an advisory committee to develop dietary guidelines based on the latest scientific and medical research. The 2015 Dietary Guidelines won’t be released until later this year, but they’re already generating debate.


The U.N. eats trash for lunch as food waste takes center stage

Sunday’s lunch at the United Nations was a piece of garbage.

No, really.

Lunch was made from food that would have otherwise found itself in a landfill halfway across the world.