Delicious ways to reduce food waste

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Animal Welfare at the Heart of Sustainability

Small-scale farmers, experts, civil society and intergovernmental organizations came together on Thursday at the conference, “Animal Welfare: The Pleasure of Respecting Rights,” and highlighted the central role that animal welfare plays in sustainable development. The speakers of the conference, jointly organised by Slow Food, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and the European Commission, each dicussed how better animal welfare can contribute to securing environmental and economic sustainability and promote social justice.



Why Renata Created This Blog

We can all help make the world better by reducing the amount of food we waste.

By reading this blog I want you to feel how reducing food waste can be eco-friendly, easy, and delicious.


My food journey began with a passion for movement. I was in ballet class from a very young age and continued through contemporary dance, belly dancing, and Kathak. I also enjoyed capoeira, karate, ginastica natural, tai chi chuan, and different types of yoga classes.

Currently, I’m into fitness and free weights…I love going to the gym, and achieving the desired fitness results means learning new ways of eating and preparing food based on the needs of each exercise. I’ve learned how cooking, nutrition, and movement are connected, and also developed a greater appreciation of our Earth.

I’m an ISSA certified Specialist in Fitness Nutrition. I’m totally passionate about health and cooking and I love helping people discover eco-friendly ways to reduce food waste and lower food costs.


I’m happy in the kitchen, sometimes creating new dishes and sometimes testing somebody else’s recipes (usually with a little twist – just because I’m a rebel!). You can find me spending time with my three kids. I also cherish quiet moments painting or reading.



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Permacooking – What It Means

Welcome to Permacooking

Permacooking is all about using parts of food that usually get discarded, making clean and fair choices, and having fun while doing it.

The name Permacooking was inspired by the Permaculture movement; however other global movements such as Slow Food and Eat your View are also an influence. A key concept of Permacooking is that what we eat, and also what we don’t eat, has great impact on the Earth and our environment.


Life today is too fast and we’ve become accustomed to eating quickly, forgetting to find pleasure in cooking and tasting our food. It’s better to slow down, go back to how our Grandmothers used to cook, and enjoy food as part of social interaction and family gathering.


This will be a journey where we all learn to appreciate slow food, help each other to help the Earth, and create some delicious dishes.


Let’s go…