Delicious ways to reduce food waste

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Italian Designer Proposes Food Waste as 3D Printing Stock

One of the greatest, increasingly tapped, potentials of 3D printing is the ability to recycle waste into new objects.  And, though there exist projects and products that take advantage of milk jugs, water bottles, car parts, and old prints as 3D printing materials, there’s still plenty of room for sustainability in the world of 3D printing and Italy-based designer Marina Ceccolini proposes another sustainable source for 3D printer feedstock in food waste.


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Reducing Our Ecological Footprint With Recycled Footprints

As companies strive to become more sustainable, they are finding innovative opportunities across their value chains. A great example is the newly announced partnership between a company that makes tires and a second company that makes shoes.

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Super Solar Recycler Science Kit Turns Trash Into Motorized Toys

I think children have been making toys out of throwaway cans and bottles since our ancestors were kids.  While those makeshift DIY playthings made for plenty of fun, they were definitely far from the sharpest-looking toys around.  The Super Solar Recycler Kit changes that.

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Chigago Based Artist Transforms Scrap into Contemporary Art

Artist Mary Ellen Croteau made this amazing self-portrait out of recycled plastic bottle caps. Notice how she used sets of nested plastic bottle caps to achieve a much deeper color palette than otherwise possible.