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Turn a batch of roast pineapples into four different dishes

Cooking with pineapple may seem retro, but this tropical fruit is ripe for reappraisal: its zingy freshness can enliven many a recipe, from sauces to salads to tarts



Recipe – Iced Pineapple Peels

One of the most popular fruits in most warm countries, the pineapple is rich in calcium, potassium and vitamins A, B and C.

The pineapple is easy to grow, it just needs some special care to develop, because it has a very simple and effective system of planting. Ideal for beginner gardeners, the fruit uses its crown as the starting point for budding future roots.
To plant pineapple and get the best results, the “secret” is that the pineapple must not be too green nor too ripe. Soon after carefully choosing the fruit, it is essential to cut it just below the base of the crown (the ideal place to cut is two inches and a half below the base of the crown), and leave it without pulp, only with its central base.
Now just put it in a container with water for two or three days, so that the roots begin to grow. After this time, the trick is to plant the root crown with a vase of approximately ten centimeters in diameter and filled with sand , which must remain in a place with enough light and average temperature of 23 ° C.
One month after planting, it is necessary to replace the container with a bigger one, about 25 cm in diameter. You’ll need to put fibrous soil, sand and peat/turf (plant material capable to hold water and minerals) in the container. After that, just wait for about two years – for the pineapple fruit to grow.
Everyday the soil should be sprayed with water, may be watered up to two times per week in addition to well fertilized every three months.
Not so easy, huh? But it can be fun just to put the crown in water to see it start to grow roots…
Spring is finally here…and to celebrate, here’s a great summertime drink made from pineapple peels and mint. As you can see, we use the entire fruit, not wasting anything.



1 pineapple worth of peels

1 litre of water

Mint leaves

Honey or other sweetener of your choice



Sanitize the pineapple and peel it, discard the crown. Boil the peels in 1 litre of water for 40 minutes, adding additional water if necessary. Let it cool and then place the peels and mint leaves in a blender or food processor adding the water where the peels were cooked and blend it completely.

Strain through a sieve, sweeten to taste, add ice and enjoy.


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