Delicious ways to reduce food waste

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This tree house community in Costa Rica is the new frontier in sustainable living

With the world slowly coming to the realization that change is necessary in order to prevent an environmental crisis, the idea of sustainable living is growing from a community of nature-loving enthusiasts to a real viable option for all societies.


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10 Great Reasons To Get Outside More Often

Humans are drawn to nature. We feel better when we spend time in forests, gardens, or parks. Edward O. Wilson termed this desire to connect with nature “biophilia.” It implies that an instinctive bond exists between humans and other living systems.

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Julia Roberts, Kevin Spacey & Other A-List Celebrities Featured in Eco Video Series – Watch It Here

Conservation International has partnered with a number of A-Listcelebrities, including Julia Roberts, Kevin Spacey, Harrison Ford, Edward Norton, Robert Redford, and Penélope Cruz, to create a video series that personifies elements of our planet to explain the environmental crises we are facing from the Earth’s perspective.

Nature doesn’t need people. People need nature.


8 People With Illnesses Go To The Amazon Jungle To Get Better. Their Story Is Incredible

When we get sick we sometimes have multiple options for treatment. We can go with what’s popular and common and it could work. Other times we try the natural route and that can work. But what happens when we feel like we’ve exhausted our options and are still sick but aren’t sure what to do? What if there was one last option that could be explored but it meant going to the Amazon jungle for 30 days, Would you do it?

These people did.