Delicious ways to reduce food waste

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The top 10 foods with the biggest environmental footprint

When you bite into a hamburger or slice into some salmon, do you think about the impact it had on the environment on its way to you?


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A Few Ways You Can Make A Positive Impact On The Planet – It Needs It

Humans of the Earth: Please understand the damage we are doing. Decide for yourself what future you want welcoming our children and our children’s children. It is easy to blame the big corporations for polluting our planet and for wiping out our natural resources, but in actuality the fault belongs to the entire population.

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Why Your Personal Food Waste Matters

A short piece about food waste from the Des Moines Register caught my attention recently. About 1,000 adults were surveyed, and 63 percent of them said they were concerned about our country’s food waste. In fact, it was a bigger issue to many of them than GMOs or climate change.