Delicious ways to reduce food waste

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Zucchini Tortillas

Really amazing zucchini tortillas, yum!


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Recipe: Gluten Free Pumpkin Cream Cheese Bars

It’s here…pumpkin season! There are so many delicious recipes that involve pumpkin, it’s hard to know where to start. If you’re ready for a new favorite pumpkin dessert, you’ll want to try these gluten free pumpkin cream cheese bars!

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Pulled Pork Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Pulled pork is delicious, and there’s nothing wrong with just eating it straight off the plate (or straight out of the oven!). But there’s a reason why pulled pork sandwiches are so popular: sometimes, it’s also nice to have your pork with a starchy, slightly sweet delivery vehicle to contrast with the meat. And who doesn’t love barbecue sauce?

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Pumpkin-walnut gingerbread with spiced buttercream frosting [Vegan, Gluten-Free]

Pumpkin + molasses + spices = WOW! This delicious quickbread is amazing on its own but to make it really stand out, it’s topped with an airy spiced buttercream frosting. If you’re wondering how to win friends and influence people (especially about how great vegan food can be), this is your answer.