Delicious ways to reduce food waste

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Food Wastage Around The World (Infographic)

We’re all guilty of wasting a bit of food now and again, whether that’s through cooking too much or not eating something before the best before date. However, it’s a much bigger problem than that, and globally there is around 1-1.2 billion tonnes of food wasted every year


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Sustainable Food: Cut the Greenwashing and Act Now, Says Food Tank

“Food manufacturers don’t understand the urgency of sustainability and need to act faster, but also communicate actions better with consumers, says the president of global NGO Food Tank.”


Individual Sustainability

An important context missing from most discussions of sustainability, especially within academia (or society in general), is individual sustainability. Living a sustainable lifestyle includes creating harmony, interconnection, and relatively high levels of awareness in one’s values, thoughts, and behaviors, as well as maintaining an increasing control over one’s physical, emotional, social, philosophical, environmental, and intellectual life. The general skills that lead to individual sustainability are awareness, motivation, and the ability to engage in intentional self-development. As well, individual sustainability includes possessing a well-developed and demonstrated value system that acknowledges the interconnection of all global biological systems and our appropriate place in the Natural World.