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Connecting The Dots…What Was Missing From My Love Of Movement

As mentioned in “Why Renata Created This Blog”, I have a long and passionate history with movement. Not only dance, fitness, martial arts but “movement” intrinsically. It took me many years to understand why I was always in love but never satisfied with Ballet and other dance forms, or Brazilian Capoeira and other Martial Arts, Fitness, lifting weights, running and so on. Recently I discovered Ido Portal’s website and it helped me connect the dots and understand what was missing.

He created a Movement Culture, and shares beautifully crafted ideas about body deep scientific knowledge, functional anatomy, physical and mental aspects of movement practices and very intense and beautiful exercises.
From now on I’ll include some videos based on all kinds of movement, things that I love and I hope it will bring enjoyment to your day. 
Couldn’t be a better way to start than with an Ido Portal video: