Delicious ways to reduce food waste

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Six Newly Discovered Genetic Variants Help Explain Coffee Habits

The study performed a genome-wide analysis of over 120,000 individuals with European or African American ancestry who regularly drink coffee.



3D Printed Ceramics Eat Food Waste To Reduce, Reuse, And Recycle

After brewing a delicious cup of joe, where do those used grounds go?

Designer and engineer Francesco Pacelli is making ceramics “to eat”—not to consume literally, but to eat in a reduce-reuse-recycle sort of way.

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Canadiano: Minimal wooden coffee maker for tasty one-cup brews

“Whether it’s with a coffee machine, espresso maker, French press or stovetop moka pot, brewing coffee is quite an involved, ritualistic morning affair for most people. That’s why we were pleasantly surprised by the Canadiano, a minimal, two-piece wooden coffee maker made by Thornhill, Canada-based company Fishtnk Design Factory. Coming in either FSC-certified maple, cherry or walnut wood, the Canadiano can brew one cup of joe in two to four minutes, and doesn’t require much daily care beyond a simple rinsing.”

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The 5 Best Coffee Substitutes

Once my doctor instructed me to remove coffee from my daily routine, I had a good cry and then began an intense search of a good coffee substitute. This search lead me to several excellent choices. Here is my list of 5 of my favorite coffee substitutes that I found, listed in no particular order: