Delicious ways to reduce food waste


#DrinkGoodDoGood Campaign Raising Awareness, Produce Donations for Food Deserts

Nearly 24 million Americans live in food deserts and don’t have access to affordable, quality, fresh fruits and vegetables. For the third year, fresh juice brand Naked Juice, a division ofPepsiCo, is partnering with Wholesome Wave — an organization that helps create affordable access to fresh, local and regional food to those in need — to provide fresh produce where there is none.


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Wasted Food Pilots Raise Consumer Awareness

Modeled after the United Kingdom’s “Love Food Hate Waste” program, the West Coast Climate & Material’s Management Forum’s (Forum) Food: Too Good To Waste (FTGTW) initiative created a toolkit with strategies and tools to guide households on how to reduce wasted food.


How food waste differs around the world

Around the world food waste occurs at every step of the food chain. Globally, about 24% of food calories produced for people get wasted on the journey from farm to plate, and in the U.S. that percentage is even higher. But how that happens is very different depending on where you live, as this chart from the World Resources Institute shows: