Delicious ways to reduce food waste

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Homemade lotion bars are all natural and easy to make

With only a handful of pure, all-natural ingredients, you can whip up a batch of homemade lotion bars that moisturize skin beautifully and will impress anyone who tries them.



Best. Deodorant. Ever! Thrifty DIY Peppermint Deodorant.

You’re taught to slather on the store-bought deodorant sticks at puberty. Neglect the ritual and you’ll be ostracized for eternity; doomed to life in musty caves with your fellow pungent trolls. Fear not, this stuff works!

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12 Great Vegan Makeup Products Under $10

It’s heartbreaking that dozens of cosmetics companies still test on animals. Now that we know high-quality, affordable makeup can be made without animal testing, why do we continue to force animals to endure horrible procedures in labs (e.g., being locked up, poisoned, blinded, and even killed) for the sake of our vanity?