Delicious ways to reduce food waste

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5,000 People Get Free Lunch Made From ‘Ugly’ Fruits And Vegetables

Here is something to chew on.

The London-based environmental nonprofit, Feedback, fed 5,000 people in Washington, DC, for free during its “Feeding the 5000” event on Wednesday. The lunches, which will be served from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., are available to anyone who shows up. The organization, along with DC Central Kitchen and other local foodies will cook up veggie curry and meat chili made from ingredients that would have otherwise been thrown away.


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The Truth About Your Clothing Donations

Portland-based writer Bre Cruickshank makes a sober assessment of America’s consumption problem, and why your best efforts to resell and recycle can’t resolve the devastating environmental impact of fast fashion.

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Garlic “Gnocchi”

Amazing keto recipe!

The Primitive Palate

Zero Carb Gnocchi! Perfect pasta for low carb and keto diets!It’s a seriously rare occasion that I crave pasta. I know, I’m soooo lucky. I should rephrase that, I rarely crave boxed pasta. Handmade pasta is a different story, and gnocchi has always been my favorite. They are like soft little pillows that melt in your mouth…when cooked correctly of course!

Recently, I came up with a recipe for Everything Bagel Dogs and the dough was such a hit! So I’ve been tinkering around with it and came up with this recipe! I was astounded that this dough is able to be boiled and then panfried!

DSC_0810DSC_0812DSC_0816DSC_0817DSC_0819DSC_0821DSC_0822Making this recipe is surprisingly much easier than real gnocchi! Technically all you need are 2 ingredients: shredded mozzarella and egg yolks! I add a little garlic powder to give them a bit more flavor. Normally, when you are boiling gnocchi you have to take them out as soon as they float…

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