Delicious ways to reduce food waste

Blow drying a banana


When I saw why he was blow drying this banana, I ran to my kitchen to try it myself! Amazing!


Author: Permacooking

Reducing food waste can be eco-friendly, easy, and delicious.

4 thoughts on “Blow drying a banana

  1. This guy is a bloody genius! Where on earth did he emerge from? I could not control my laughter, but only through shock!
    How are you? So good to hear from you.

    • Hey, rubiredsaid! Always good to hear from you too.
      The “banana trick” didn’t work so well for me, I think it was because the banana he used was frozen or, at least, kept in the fridge for fews days (the dark colour that it shows on the video is very even). I’ll try again. Kinda silly, but really funny! 🙂

      • HAHAHAHA. . . . . .! Too good to be true. I was beside myself when I saw it, but now you’ve had a go I don’t think I’ll bother! This guy is hilarious. What on earth made him decide to try that I wonder?

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