Delicious ways to reduce food waste


How Sugar Is Sabotaging Your Success as an Entrepreneur

Successful entrepreneurs know that a disciplined and dedicated work ethic is critical to building their businesses. It takes commitment to set goals, meet deadlines and learn quickly from our mistakes, but too many of us are pulling the rug out from under ourselves every single day by the dietary choices we make.


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Simple Rules for Healthy Eating

“Full disclosure: I did not invent most of these. I’ve developed them from reading the work of others, including what may be the most impressive “official” nutritional guidelines, those of Brazil, as well as from earlier suggestions from readers, as in this great NYT interactive graphic. It captures readers’ responses to food rules by Michael Pollan. He is, of course, the promulgator of the well-known advice: “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.”

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A carpenter makes toys from garbage while living in a refugee camp.

Roughly 10 million people (more then the population of New York City) have been displaced. 2 million children are refugees — that’s about the population of Houston. Many of these people live in refugee camps in surrounding countries.

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How walking in the woods benefits your health

Walking among trees makes us more relaxed, nicer people.
It should come as no surprise by now that walking among trees has health benefits. Shinrin-yoku or “forest bathing” is a practice in Japan, where people are encouraged to visit and spend time in a forest to improve their health.