Delicious ways to reduce food waste

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Could these apps solve America’s huge food waste problem?

In the U.S., edible food is frequently thrown away. A host of new mobile apps are designed to reduce food waste and hunger. Will they work?


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Converting food waste into solid fuels, biodiesel and other products

It is evident that energy sustainability is the key to properly managing the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. With the help of these CEAS researchers, we are one step closer to improving our environment, and therefore, our quality of life.


11 Reasons You Should Eat Greek Yogurt for Dinner

Sure, Greek yogurt is an excellent (if obvious) choice for a healthy breakfast. The protein-rich, low-sugar favorite is certain to keep you full until lunchtime, and checks off a number of the day’s nutritional requirements. But have you considered eating or cooking with Greek yogurt for dinner, instead? Its thick texture and inherent creaminess make it an ideal stand-in for other dairy products, instantly upping a dish’s nutritional ante and cutting its calories and fat. If you need further convincing, read on for 11 enticing reasons you should eat Greek yogurt tonight.