Delicious ways to reduce food waste

I Eat Garbage to Save Money and Help Reduce Food Waste

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There are few things in the world that I love as much as good bread. Toasted and spread with golden butter and sweet raspberry jam, sliced and piled high with tangy tomatoes, savory cheese, and crunchy pickles, it’s pretty much the perfect food.

Good bread is, however, expensive. The kind of artisanal bread I favor, made lovingly by hand and devoid of the myriad dough conditioners and preservatives found in most commercial loaves, is considered unsellable after a single day on the shelf.

I first became aware of the staggering amount of bread that ends its life in a dumpster from a college roommate. He drove a delivery route for a local bakery, getting up at 3 a.m. to load a van full of freshly baked bread and deliver it to various grocery stores around town.

Sometimes I rode along, braving the obscenely early wake-up just to spend time in…

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Author: Permacooking

Reducing food waste can be eco-friendly, easy, and delicious.

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