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American Horror: Freak Show – Treats To Turn Your Stomach

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Happy Halloween!
ewww….very disturbing!

Emma Thomas (Miss Cakehead)


Delighted to be able to share a preview of  a small campaign for American Horror: Freak Show we have just completed for Fox. I may be biased but could not be happier with an edible hamper destined to sum up the freak circus vibe of this new show, working with food artist Jacqui Kelly in creating these macabre yet delicious wonders… Very jealous indeed of the press getting these bad boys tomorrow.


American Horror Story: Freak Show

Freaky Circus Treats Mark Launch of New Series

Tuesday 21st October at 10pm First on FOX

Roll up, roll up… Don’t miss your chance to grab the hottest and most disturbing treats in town to celebrate the launch of American Horror Story: Freak Show, tomorrow at 10pm First on FOX. The freak show inspired delicacies – such as ‘deep fried rat’ – curated by Miss Cakehead, are the perfect accompaniment to enjoy whilst…

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