Delicious ways to reduce food waste

15 Easy Foods To Start Eating If You’re Serious About Being Healthy

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Some foods (see: kale, açai berries, etc.) get all the respect and love; other foods are not given the praise they so rightly deserve; even when they’ve stood the test of time for many generations, and across cultures. I’m no food expert but I do believe in eating real food – good food – that nourishes your body and keeps you healthy. I also believe discipline and humility can be showcased by what we put in our bodies. Because whichever way you look at it, our bodies are important, and they deserve the very best care we can give them. Here are fifteen foods to start eating more of, to care of your body:

1. Brussels Sprouts

While I am a vegetable lover, in a typical Nigerian home, you most likely will not grow up eating Brussels sprouts. In the almost seventeen years I spent at home, and the numerous…

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Author: Permacooking

Reducing food waste can be eco-friendly, easy, and delicious.

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